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2018 Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver Ring

Pandora rings are made of 14k gold, 925 silver and different zircons and pearls in different shades. The rings come in a variety of styles, including eternity rings, commemorative rings, single amethyst rings, birthday drop rings, cocktail rings and rings. Combinations, etc.

Today,Introducing a simple and beautiful ring . Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver  Ring.


Pandora Black Friday Charms Enchanted Crown Ring

Item: 197087CZ

Type: Rings

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $80.00​

Color: Silver,Pink,Gold


Make a majestic statement in this crown ring in sterling silver. The enchanting piece is decorated with glittering stones. Easy to match, Wear yours solo or stacked in multiple ways. There are many possibilities for ladies, suitable for different occasions.

The standard size of the ring is called the hand size. The most reliable measurement method is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to measure for both of you, or you can use the method published on the Internet to measure it yourself: find a string or a strip of paper, circle the place where the ring is worn, and use a pen. Make a mark on the overlap of the rope or the paper strip, and then measure the length with a ruler. It can be known by comparing the hand size with the table.