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Your Party with Pandora Jewelry

In addition to wearing the most fashionable costumes of the season, the party also goes with jewelry.

As we all know, PANDORA can design its own unique Bracelet through its DIY, which is a good expression of its own personality. In addition, Pandora rings and pendants can also be overlapped to show a different wearing effect, to meet the needs of various shapes.

Pandora Open Grains Ring 197699

Pandora Open Grains Ring

Item: 197699

Material: Silver

Type: Rings

Price Official: $45.00

Rings are a must-have accessory in everyday matching. When two people wear similar clothes, a delicate ring can be a big part of the gap between fashion and fashion. Pandora’s ear-ornamented opening ring perfectly interprets nature. It gives a romantic and stylish look between the fingers. It’s worth mentioning that it can also be mixed and overlapped with a series of other rings, showing a unique and fashionable taste between hands and feet.

This open-ended ring in sterling silver features two plaits of grain reaching toward each other, like towards the sun. Clean lines and organic details create a contemporary version of natural beauty.

Pandora Regal Key Pendant 397725

Pandora Regal Key Pendant

​Price Official: $45.00

Item: 397725

Material: Silver

Type: Pendant

The key pendant of the Pandora aristocracy that one falls in love with at a glance, its complicated and unique shape makes one feel as if it can read your yearning for jewelry. Its exquisite modelling.

With its finely crafted heart shape and regal-inspired pattern, this sterling silver key pendant unlocks the secret recipe of sophistication and enhancement.