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Pandora Black Friday 2018 Timeless Elegance Rose Ring

Pandora’s jewellery is designed in a soft and rich style, with different occasions, allowing women to show their style, record precious and memorable moments in life, and tell their values.Pandora black friday 2018 Timeless Elegance Rose Ring

Pandora Black Friday 2018  Timeless Elegance Rose Ring

Item: 180947CZ

Theme: PANDORA Rose

Type: Rings

Material: Cubic Zirconia

Brand: Pandora

Price: $100

This ring is set with a large Danube cubic zirconia in the middle.Surrounded by glittering decorations.The heirloom-like pandora ring combines fashion and vintage charm.

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Do you really known Pandora jewelry?

Danish jewellery brand PANDORA is one of the top three jewellery brands in the world. Thanks to the free combination of its star product Moments bracelet and string ornaments, women have a way to remember important moments, making PANDORA jewels popular among women around the world.

Pandora jewelry charms began in 1982 and were founded by the Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, PANDORA has entered a rapid development process, from a local Danish jewelry store to one of the world’s leading brands, inspiring women around the world to show their personality and story.

As of 2016, Pandora has more than 1.5 million online fans with a brand audience of 231 million.

Launched in 2013, the PANDORA ESSENCE collection has a jewellery concept that gives the string a variety of personal values, meanings and special qualities such as wisdom, courage, love and trust. The concept is based on a survey of thousands of women around the world. The PANDORA ESSENCE collection introduces a range of hand-finished jewels: 14k gold, 925 silver or gold and silver two-tone long bracelets, sleek or beaded 925 silver bracelets and necklaces, with different meanings and engraved special meanings. Ladies can choose for themselves or be given a gift that can interpret their inner string

PANDORA’s ring styles range from Eternal Rings, Commemorative Rings, Single Amethyst Rings, Birthday Drops, and Cocktail Rings and Rings – offering women a wide range of possibilities for different occasions. PANDORA’s ring is made of 14k gold, 925 silver charms and different zircon and pearls in different shades. The vast majority of PANDORA rings are easy to match and are suitable for use with other rings or original series of rings.

Necklace pendant earrings
PANDORA’s necklaces and pendants cover a wide range of materials and designs. Neither the 925 silver, 14k gold or gold and silver necklaces can be worn with different pendants and string ornaments. PANDORA’s earrings can be combined with other brands of the brand to create a variety of styles. From small earrings, pendant earrings to large earrings, there are also a variety of earring styles that are finely paved with different gems on 14k or 925 silver.

Social responsibility
From the work environment to welfare systems, health, safety and environmental standards and energy management practices, PANDORA is committed to implementing ethical principles in its business activities.

For PANDORA, the jewelry production business and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities complement each other. PANDORA seeks to take steps to reduce its impact on the global environment. PANDORA’s value chain includes ethical behavior in supplier development and procurement processes, safe production of jewelry, and responsible marketing and sales practices at approximately 8,100 points of sale in more than 100 countries around the world.

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2018 Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver Ring

Pandora rings are made of 14k gold, 925 silver and different zircons and pearls in different shades. The rings come in a variety of styles, including eternity rings, commemorative rings, single amethyst rings, birthday drop rings, cocktail rings and rings. Combinations, etc.

Today,Introducing a simple and beautiful ring . Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver  Ring.


Pandora Black Friday Charms Enchanted Crown Ring

Item: 197087CZ

Type: Rings

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $80.00​

Color: Silver,Pink,Gold


Make a majestic statement in this crown ring in sterling silver. The enchanting piece is decorated with glittering stones. Easy to match, Wear yours solo or stacked in multiple ways. There are many possibilities for ladies, suitable for different occasions.

The standard size of the ring is called the hand size. The most reliable measurement method is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to measure for both of you, or you can use the method published on the Internet to measure it yourself: find a string or a strip of paper, circle the place where the ring is worn, and use a pen. Make a mark on the overlap of the rope or the paper strip, and then measure the length with a ruler. It can be known by comparing the hand size with the table.





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2018 Black Friday Recommmended: Pandoa Floating Grains Series

Smart wheat reproduces the beauty of nature and captures the evanescent time.

Pandora black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Floating Grains Bangle

Item: 567715CZ
Type: Bangle
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $225.00

A special temperament bracelet with 18k gold plated 925 silver core, stylish and beautiful. The shape of the bracelet is matched with the sleek soft chain of wheat, and it is wonderful to be swaying and swinging while walking. It is more elegant and elegant with the same series of necklaces and rings. Presenting the magical beauty of nature.


Pandora Black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Floating Grains Earrings

Item: 267674CZ
Type: Earrings
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $175.00

This is a limited edition PANDORA SHIN 18k gold plated 925 silver core material. Inspired by nature, this PANDORA SHINE earring adds a grain of light to the ears, and the streamlined shape is a light, vibrant beauty that reflects the modern style. Charming wheat ears Swaying and dancing With the foot moving.


Pandora Black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Circle of Seeds Necklace

Item: 367683CZ
Type: Necklace
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $275.00

This is a limited edition PANDORA SHIN pendant that draws inspiration from nature and adds a touch of luxury to the overall look. The wheat spikes made of 18k gold plated 925 silver core flash, and swing as the foot moves. The chain design is decorated to create a smart mix, showing a wonderful mix of soft and hard materials.

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Your Party with Pandora Jewelry

In addition to wearing the most fashionable costumes of the season, the party also goes with jewelry.

As we all know, PANDORA can design its own unique Bracelet through its DIY, which is a good expression of its own personality. In addition, Pandora rings and pendants can also be overlapped to show a different wearing effect, to meet the needs of various shapes.

Pandora Open Grains Ring 197699

Pandora Open Grains Ring

Item: 197699

Material: Silver

Type: Rings

Price Official: $45.00

Rings are a must-have accessory in everyday matching. When two people wear similar clothes, a delicate ring can be a big part of the gap between fashion and fashion. Pandora’s ear-ornamented opening ring perfectly interprets nature. It gives a romantic and stylish look between the fingers. It’s worth mentioning that it can also be mixed and overlapped with a series of other rings, showing a unique and fashionable taste between hands and feet.

This open-ended ring in sterling silver features two plaits of grain reaching toward each other, like towards the sun. Clean lines and organic details create a contemporary version of natural beauty.

Pandora Regal Key Pendant 397725

Pandora Regal Key Pendant

​Price Official: $45.00

Item: 397725

Material: Silver

Type: Pendant

The key pendant of the Pandora aristocracy that one falls in love with at a glance, its complicated and unique shape makes one feel as if it can read your yearning for jewelry. Its exquisite modelling.

With its finely crafted heart shape and regal-inspired pattern, this sterling silver key pendant unlocks the secret recipe of sophistication and enhancement.

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A Modern Rings Fit For A Queen

Pandora Rings For the woman that walks with power in every step, it’s radiant embellishment. Embody a stately sense of confidence and make them curious about your subtle mysteries and secrets.

Our Autumn 2018 Collection is about giving praise to the forces of regal femininity, to let you tap into your inner queen and walk through life as the leading lady in your own fairy tale queen-dom.

1.Pandora Purple Regal Dazzling Beauty Ring

Item: 197678A

Type: rings

Theme: majestic

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $115.00

Look majestic with this sterling silver cocktail ring, embellished with royal-inspired motif and an alluring purple cubic zirconia stone in the classic cabochon cut. Feel like a queen from ancient times.

The Pandora Shine Collection in 18k gold-plated sterling silver will illuminate you with a sense of sophisticated luxury with its rich golden color. The charms are decorated with swirling lines, plaited grains and scatterings of clear stones inspired by majestic autumn light.Pandora Black Friday is coming soon,It’s time to highlight your natural regal glow and make your fairy tale dreams come true

2.Pandora Silver Alluring Hearts Ring

Item: 197729CZ

Type: rings

Theme: majestic

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $75.00

Sterling silver, sparkling cubic zirconia stones and heart details create the foundation of a fabulous ring. Perfect for work-to-play styling. Wear it with the PANDORA Rose™ version for gorgeous contrasts.

3.Pandora Rose Alluring Hearts Ring

Item: 187729CZ

Type: rings

Theme: majestic

Material: rose gold

Price: $100.00

Add a little love to your fingers with this PANDORA Rose™ ring. Continuous bursts of hearts and brilliant cubic zirconia stones create stunning contrasts. These hearts are open to many different looks.

4.Pandora Lace of Love Ring

Item: 197706CZ

Type: rings

Theme: majestic

Material: sterling silver

Price: $115.00

The lace drapery on this sterling silver ring, dotted with sparkling cubic zirconia stones and hearts, creates a statement piece woven with romance.


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What gift do you give to someone you like?

The path covered with rose petals, the night of light and shadow, the love of the heart brings out his carefully prepared gifts, just for your smile, and then join hands to a happy tomorrow. Perfect scene, exquisite layout, sincere love, I believe that no girl can resist this fantastic confession ceremony!

1.Beautiful ring

The ring, as one of the decorations for everyday wear, has an extraordinary meaning. The shape of the ring is a circle, which symbolizes that the other party is firmly locked and expresses their intentions to the other party. It will hold the other hand’s hand, even if the face is gone, even if it is full of vicissitudes.

The beautiful ring is embedded between the thin fingers, which is a declaration of happiness to each other. Therefore, carefully selecting a ring suitable for the temperament for the goddess is the best tool for confession!

2. Glamour earrings

Small and exquisite Pandora Black Friday earrings seem inconspicuous, but it is a must-have for many girls to travel daily, inadvertently can light the overall wear shape. And if you can think of such tiny details for her in the heart, can’t you shake your heart?

However, Howlly suggested choosing earrings or trying to choose a relatively simple and elegant style, because the over-exaggerated style is not suitable for daily wear, and it is very easy to pick clothes, not simple and colorful!

3. Unique pendant

Necklaces are the magic weapon for women to wear, or elegant, or simple, or cool… hundreds of shapes are different, but they can all be exposed through the necklace between the neck. On a romantic confession night, scorn the goddess’ hair and tie her to the unique pendant you carefully selected. No one can stop your gentle offensive.

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Pandora Crown Letter O 925 Silver String Ornament 787401

This crown logo in Pandora’s home can be used not only as a pendant, but also as a necklace to add a stylish look to the simple style. Moreover, it can also be used as a bracelet pendant, a multi-purpose design that meets the fashion versatile style of Amy’s little fairies. The high-quality 925 silver is crafted with ingenious craftsmanship to create a comfortable wearing experience while being durable and not fading!






PANDORA 925 Silver Necklace 590515

At that time, the tide of light slowly receded, and the lead dust in the world was washed away, and it would be that the original simplicity is the beauty that will not fade, and this pendant is also the same. The 925 silver material with excellent texture is selected, and even after years of change, it will last for a long time, keeping the smooth and delicate at first sight. The elegant and simple chain body is only connected by the ring buckle, which is like a silver river cascading between the necks, conveying the essence of minimalism.








Modern LovePods Earrings 287357

Turn heads with this versatile pair of hoop Pandora Black Friday earrings featuring detachable droplets set with clusters of pavé stones. Blush-pink PANDORA Rose lends vintage appeal to any look.