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Pandora exquisite beautiful earrings at cheap prica on black friday

When it comes to jewelry, many girls think of Pandora, because this brand symbolizes good hope, Pandora’s Box is the source of sin, waiting for the box to open, sin out, and the rest is a beautiful blessing. Although Pandora is famous for his bracelet, their earrings are also exquisite.,Recommend several products at cheap prica on pandora black friday.

1.White Orchid Stud Earrings

The advantages of this earring are elegant and simple, simple and suitable for everyday life. It is suitable for any hairstyle and skin color. The appearance is also small and beautiful. The five petals are very delicate and can be used to make a good embellishment effect.

This is the effect picture worn by the model. It can be said that it is very plain. Girls who like simple atmosphere can choose this kind. Model: 290749EN12

2.Pink Magnolia Bloom Stud Earrings

Magnolia is a layer of pink more than white orchids, 925 silver is dotted with pink and white enamel, pale pink represents the shades of nature, harmony and good.

This is more gentle and temperament, and it is more energetic than magnolia. Very suitable for sweet girls to wear. And pink is also very white. Model: 290739PCZ

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