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Pandora Black Friday 2018, Charms Suggest: City Charms

1 Pandora Texas Flag Heart Dangle Charm, Mixed Enamel

Item: ENG792017CZ_9

Theme: Texas Flag

Material: Silver, Enamel

Type: Dangle Charm

Color: White, Red, Blue

Collections: Pandora Black Friday 2018

With a colorful close-up of the red, white and blue of the Lone Star State’s symbolic flag, the greatness of Texas is proudly put on display with this sterling silver dangle. Wear it to represent your home state or one of your favorite places to visit.

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2 Pandora New York City Murano Charm, Mixed Enamel​

Item: ENG791617CZ_3

Type: Bead Charm

Theme: New York City

Material: Enamel, Glass

Color: White, Red

Collection: Pandora Black Friday 2018

Celebrate the Big Apple with this hand-crafted charm designed in iridescent white Murano glass and featuring a bright red apple. Its subtle shimmer makes this New York charm the perfect addition to any bracelet styling.

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3 Pandora Florida Sun Murano Charm, Mixed Enamel​

Item: ENG791617CZ_1

Type: Bead Charm

Theme: Florida Sun

Material: Enamel, Glass

Collections: Pandora Black Friday 2018

This cheerful Murano glass charm represents everything we love about Florida – bright sunshine and beautiful palm trees. Whether Florida is your hometown or favorite vacation spot, you’ll enjoy this adorable symbol of The Sunshine State.

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4 Pandora Boston Lobster Murano Charm, White Enamel​

Item: ENG791631CZ_1

Type: Charm

Theme: Boston Lobster

Material: Enamel, Glass

Color: White, Red

Collections: Pandora Black Friday 2018

This striking red Murano glass charm features the city that’s dear to your heart and the world-famous Boston lobster you love so much. Combine it with some of your favorite charms to add a little Boston flavor to your bracelet.​

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