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Wear a bath with Pandora bracelet ? The Pandora bracelet touch the water?

From the maintenance of this piece, It is best to taken down, because the bath will use shampoo, shower gel and other chemicals, silver jewelry is easy to change color when encountering chemicals. Pandora Black Friday bracelet,If it is not taken down, the gloss is easy to darken, but there is no big problem after cleaning.

1.There is no problem with silver jewelry when it comes to clear water. But when you take a shower, it is recommended to taken down.

2. Chemicals and cosmetics, including your bath, cosmetics, perfume and sweat from the human body will cause corrosion to the silver, it will make it darker and darker. (Pay attention to avoiding it when spraying perfume.)

3.if it is slightly darker, you can wipe it with toothpaste, it will be as bright as new.

Try not to let the Pandora bracelet touch the water.

1. silver jewelry to avoid seeing water, especially wearing a bath or washing things, easy to cause oxidation. In addition, it is sweating in summer, and it is easy to cause corrosion of silver jewelry. Some people may say that this is simply not to be worn,It is better not to buy it.

2.of course, this is reasonable, the above situation can continue to wear, then you should pay attention to maintenance, after the water, pay attention to dry the cloth with a dry cloth or paper cloth, but do not let the silverware touch the chemical, such as Dishwashing detergent, some Bath products, it is possible to have a chemical reaction.

3.the relative harm of clear water is relatively small, in the special water environment such as sea water, the silverware will be doubled. Although the swimming pool uses tap water, it is often added with disinfectant, the hazard is not small, these occasions should not be worn。

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