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Pandora-Every moment of life in your life

The bracelet / bracelet is the most indispensable thing for Pandora bracelet, even if there is no other pendant pendant, wearing a Pandora Black Friday bracelet makes you look bright. Their materials are divided into three categories: 925 sterling silver, 14 ct gold, and genuine leather.

Pandora Disney, Mickey Bracelet  590731CZ

2. Charm
The pendants are the pendants on the bracelets/bangle. They are the soul of Pandora’s bracelet. The pendants are made of 925 silver, 14 ct gold, precious stones and so on. They are also divided into different themes, including animal themes, alphabet themes, travel themes, and national themes. The theme of the latest issue is Disney themes released in autumn and winter 2017.

New York Highlights Dangle Charm 797198ENMX

Pendentif Pendant and Space Charms Pendant
Pendentif pendants are draped in bracelets. The shape of the bracelet is more varied and the same is more eye-catching.

Space Charm is when the other straps are of different colors. Themes are different. Putting one or two appropriate straps can make the pendant on the whole bracelet not cluttered. It also increases the diversity and Fun that match with Pandora bracelets.

3. Clip
The clips are similar to the straps, but it also has a more important function that can be clipped on the bracelet, the handle chain is divided into up to 3 parts. It can be worn in a bracelet or it can be opened directly like a clip and then clipped to a bracelet. In addition, although there aren’t many styles for the clips compared to the pendants, some styles really do look better than some pendants, so if you like a clip, you can use it as a strap in your bracelet. Usually the price of the clip is higher than the normal pendants.

Inspiration Within Spacer 791359PCZ

4 .Safety Chain·Safety Chain
The role of the security chain is divided into two, one is that it is connected to the ends of the bracelet opening, play a protective role. When the bracelet is opened, if there are many straps on the chain, then the safety chain can guarantee that they will not come out. The second role is to look beautiful, do not underestimate these safety chains, their aesthetic index is absolutely no less than those straps, put on such a chain, the entire bracelet to force a few moments.

Pandora Love Connection Safety Chain 791088

The phrase “Give every moment of good times in life” is a concept that was proposed at the very beginning of Pandora’s jewelry design. It is Pandora’s  jewelry that captures the unforgettable moments of life in a beautiful way, creating beautiful and exquisite Pandora Black Friday jewelery, which has won consumers all over the world.

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