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Pandora Black Friday 2018 charms proposal for you, 2 Pandora Disney charms

Pandora Black Friday 2018 charms proposal for you, 2 Pandora Disney charms:

Pandora Disney, Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach Charm, Clear CZ

Item: 791573CZ

Type: Charm

Material: Silver, Gold, Clear CZ

Theme: Disney

Price: $100​

A good choice of Pandora charms for Black Friday 2018. Created through the magic of her Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin coach plays a crucial role in carrying Cinderella to the Royal Ball, where she falls in love with Prince Charming. Create an enchanting style by adding this intricate sterling silver coach charm, decorated with a 14K gold crown and sparkling accents, to your bracelet.

Pandora Disney, Mickey Love Heart Charm, Fuchsia Rose Crystal

Item: 797168NFR

Type: Charm

Material: Silver

Theme: Disney, Love, Heart

Color: Red

Price: $90

This adorable piece depicts Mickey holding his heart in his hands. The combination of Mickey’s cuteness and the vibrant fuchsia rose heart-shaped stone makes this a design for the true Disney aficionado. Pandora Black Friday 2018, find some Pandora disney charms for you, wish you like.

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Pandora exquisite beautiful earrings at cheap prica on black friday

When it comes to jewelry, many girls think of Pandora, because this brand symbolizes good hope, Pandora’s Box is the source of sin, waiting for the box to open, sin out, and the rest is a beautiful blessing. Although Pandora is famous for his bracelet, their earrings are also exquisite.,Recommend several products at cheap prica on pandora black friday.

1.White Orchid Stud Earrings

The advantages of this earring are elegant and simple, simple and suitable for everyday life. It is suitable for any hairstyle and skin color. The appearance is also small and beautiful. The five petals are very delicate and can be used to make a good embellishment effect.

This is the effect picture worn by the model. It can be said that it is very plain. Girls who like simple atmosphere can choose this kind. Model: 290749EN12

2.Pink Magnolia Bloom Stud Earrings

Magnolia is a layer of pink more than white orchids, 925 silver is dotted with pink and white enamel, pale pink represents the shades of nature, harmony and good.

This is more gentle and temperament, and it is more energetic than magnolia. Very suitable for sweet girls to wear. And pink is also very white. Model: 290739PCZ

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Do you really known Pandora jewelry?

Danish jewellery brand PANDORA is one of the top three jewellery brands in the world. Thanks to the free combination of its star product Moments bracelet and string ornaments, women have a way to remember important moments, making PANDORA jewels popular among women around the world.

Pandora jewelry charms began in 1982 and were founded by the Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, PANDORA has entered a rapid development process, from a local Danish jewelry store to one of the world’s leading brands, inspiring women around the world to show their personality and story.

As of 2016, Pandora has more than 1.5 million online fans with a brand audience of 231 million.

Launched in 2013, the PANDORA ESSENCE collection has a jewellery concept that gives the string a variety of personal values, meanings and special qualities such as wisdom, courage, love and trust. The concept is based on a survey of thousands of women around the world. The PANDORA ESSENCE collection introduces a range of hand-finished jewels: 14k gold, 925 silver or gold and silver two-tone long bracelets, sleek or beaded 925 silver bracelets and necklaces, with different meanings and engraved special meanings. Ladies can choose for themselves or be given a gift that can interpret their inner string

PANDORA’s ring styles range from Eternal Rings, Commemorative Rings, Single Amethyst Rings, Birthday Drops, and Cocktail Rings and Rings – offering women a wide range of possibilities for different occasions. PANDORA’s ring is made of 14k gold, 925 silver charms and different zircon and pearls in different shades. The vast majority of PANDORA rings are easy to match and are suitable for use with other rings or original series of rings.

Necklace pendant earrings
PANDORA’s necklaces and pendants cover a wide range of materials and designs. Neither the 925 silver, 14k gold or gold and silver necklaces can be worn with different pendants and string ornaments. PANDORA’s earrings can be combined with other brands of the brand to create a variety of styles. From small earrings, pendant earrings to large earrings, there are also a variety of earring styles that are finely paved with different gems on 14k or 925 silver.

Social responsibility
From the work environment to welfare systems, health, safety and environmental standards and energy management practices, PANDORA is committed to implementing ethical principles in its business activities.

For PANDORA, the jewelry production business and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities complement each other. PANDORA seeks to take steps to reduce its impact on the global environment. PANDORA’s value chain includes ethical behavior in supplier development and procurement processes, safe production of jewelry, and responsible marketing and sales practices at approximately 8,100 points of sale in more than 100 countries around the world.

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2018 Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver Ring

Pandora rings are made of 14k gold, 925 silver and different zircons and pearls in different shades. The rings come in a variety of styles, including eternity rings, commemorative rings, single amethyst rings, birthday drop rings, cocktail rings and rings. Combinations, etc.

Today,Introducing a simple and beautiful ring . Pandora Enchanted Crown 925 Silver  Ring.


Pandora Black Friday Charms Enchanted Crown Ring

Item: 197087CZ

Type: Rings

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $80.00​

Color: Silver,Pink,Gold


Make a majestic statement in this crown ring in sterling silver. The enchanting piece is decorated with glittering stones. Easy to match, Wear yours solo or stacked in multiple ways. There are many possibilities for ladies, suitable for different occasions.

The standard size of the ring is called the hand size. The most reliable measurement method is to ask the clerk of the jewelry store to measure for both of you, or you can use the method published on the Internet to measure it yourself: find a string or a strip of paper, circle the place where the ring is worn, and use a pen. Make a mark on the overlap of the rope or the paper strip, and then measure the length with a ruler. It can be known by comparing the hand size with the table.





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Pandora Black Friday Charms 2018 suitable for girls to confession

Pandora Black Friday Jewelry suitable for girls to confession.

Love is a wonderful and rare feeling in the world. If you meet the one you can’t forget in your heart, you must not be insensitive. Instead, you must seize the opportunity, dare to speak out and touch the heart with your sincerity. However, if you want your favorite girl to fall in love with you at first sight, don’t forget to prepare small gifts carefully. You should know that no matter what stage a girl enters in her life, she always has a dream of a princess in her heart. Therefore, choose the right time to choose a lovely little gift for her, which will instantly improve the girl’s affection for you.

Pandora, the English brand name is PANDORA, is a well-known jewelry brand both at home and abroad. PANDORA Pandora was founded in 1982 by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand focuses on the girl style, selects Disney fairy tale elements and cartoon characters, creates sweet and elegant jewelry, inspires women around the world to show their girl feelings.


1.Sparkling Strand Bracelet

Item: 590524CZ

Type: Bracelet

Material: Sterling silver, CZ

Price: $55.00​

Color: Silver

This tennis-style sterling silver bracelet is detailed with cubic zirconia stones and and sliding clasp, making it easy to adjust to your wrist and preferred styling.

The sparkling bracelet is gracefully and smoothly wrapped around the wrist. It can be easily adjusted according to the size of the wrist and the shape you like. It abandons the complicated and complicated. Simplicity and texture is the expression of fashion.

This jewelry is tailored for women who are keen on fancy modeling. The combination of modern elements and classic styles exudes vitality and charm, and takes delicate design highlights as everyday shapes to blend subtle feelings and fashion styles.

Pandora Sparkling Strand Bracelet Black Friday
Pandora Sparkling Strand Bracelet Black Friday

​2.Pandora Black Friday Regal Key Necklace

Item: 397676

Type: Necklace

Theme: Key

Material: Sterling silver

Price: $100.00​

Color: Silver

It combines the retro story and the modern feminine fashion style to show personal style and unique personality.

The pendant with a key shape adds a fairytale of dreams to this 925 silver necklace. Gorgeous whirlpool pattern is injected into the necklace.

Pandora Black Friday Regal Key Necklace
Pandora Black Friday Regal Key Necklace

3.Pandora Black Friday Starshine Stud Earrings

Item: 290597CZ

Type: Earrings

Material: Sterling silver, CZ

Price: $35.00​

Color: Silver

Simple yet elegant, these sterling silver star-shaped earrings are a great choice for everyday wear or more festive occasions. A sweet present, this petite pair is also ideal for mixing individuality into stylish combinations.​

Pandora Starshine Stud Earrings, Clear CZ
Pandora Starshine Stud Earrings, Clear CZ
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The new PANDORA REFLEXIONS series global grand release

The famous Danish jewellery brand PANDORA Pandora jewelry has released the new PANDORA Reflexions bracelet series in Nice, France. The new bracelet series brings infinite possibilities for women to show their true style, highlighting the modern feminine charm and opening a new era of self-confidence and style. Celebrities and fashion people from all walks of life dressed in white costumes attended the conference on the same day, echoing the theme of “Reflect Your Style in White”, showing their own unique style and blooming.

Global new product release party

The launch of the new PANDORA Reflexions series kicked off in the picturesque French House of the French Riviera. Designed by architect Antti Lovag, the Bubble House faces the Mediterranean and is unique in style. Guests at the venue included Winnie Harlow, Olivia Culpo, Suki Waterhouse, Ashley Benson, Cecilia Yeung, Ana Beatriz Barros, and network reds Leonie Hanne and Betty Autier. They were dressed in their own unique way and presented the latest PANDORA Reflexions bracelet collection.

PANDORA Creative Director and Vice President Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli and Chief Creative Officer Stephen Fairchild expressed their warm welcome to the guests and introduced the new Reflexions bracelet series, then invited the guests to visit and learn more about the designer’s creative process. The first exhibition room showed the creative inspiration and design ideas of the designers through the visual effects device. In addition, the mirror maze specially set up for this event provides guests with a great opportunity to map multiple angles and show their personal style.

Terzo and Ficarelli said: “We want to bring women a design that truly shows their personal style, fully explaining their stories, ideas and personalities.” Pandora Black Friday Sale In order to do this, they are empowered by women and the art and culture of the Renaissance. Inspire with technology. “At the time, jewellery has become an important part of women’s self-expression,” Ficarelli said. “Today’s women are stronger than ever, and their authority and versatility provide design inspiration for the new PANDORA Reflexions bracelet collection.”

Fashion icon collection, full of personality style

After the conference, PANDORA hosted a dinner and party at Chateau Saint Georges and invited Brooklyn’s well-known DJ duo Coco & Breezy to come and cheer. The party’s dress theme “Let Your Regal Style Reign Supreme” is paired with the latest PANDORA Reflexions bracelet collection and aristocratic fairy tale series, showing a modern and stylish mix. The female guests present all wore the new Reflexions series, which revealed the fashion statement of “multiple and easy to match, personal style and personal style”.

The PANDORA Reflexions bracelet series has been released simultaneously in major stores across the country, PANDORA Tmall flagship store and PANDORA official online store.

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2018 Black Friday Recommmended: Pandoa Floating Grains Series

Smart wheat reproduces the beauty of nature and captures the evanescent time.

Pandora black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Floating Grains Bangle

Item: 567715CZ
Type: Bangle
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $225.00

A special temperament bracelet with 18k gold plated 925 silver core, stylish and beautiful. The shape of the bracelet is matched with the sleek soft chain of wheat, and it is wonderful to be swaying and swinging while walking. It is more elegant and elegant with the same series of necklaces and rings. Presenting the magical beauty of nature.


Pandora Black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Floating Grains Earrings

Item: 267674CZ
Type: Earrings
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $175.00

This is a limited edition PANDORA SHIN 18k gold plated 925 silver core material. Inspired by nature, this PANDORA SHINE earring adds a grain of light to the ears, and the streamlined shape is a light, vibrant beauty that reflects the modern style. Charming wheat ears Swaying and dancing With the foot moving.


Pandora Black Friday 2018 Limited Edition Circle of Seeds Necklace

Item: 367683CZ
Type: Necklace
Theme: PANDORA Shine
Material: 925 Sterling silver
Price: $275.00

This is a limited edition PANDORA SHIN pendant that draws inspiration from nature and adds a touch of luxury to the overall look. The wheat spikes made of 18k gold plated 925 silver core flash, and swing as the foot moves. The chain design is decorated to create a smart mix, showing a wonderful mix of soft and hard materials.

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Do you like Pandora Butterfly Charm? Pandora Black Friday new proposal

Do you like butterflies? Let’s talk about the Pandora Butterfly Charm today.


Pandora Sparkling Butterfly Charm, Purple CZ

Item: 791257ACZ

Type: Charm

Theme: Butterfly

Brand: Pandora

Price: $80

Material: Silver, CZ

Color: Purple


Do you like butterflies?

Do you know the reason why butterflies are called butterfly?

The word butterfly is derived from the ancient English buterfleoge and is composed of butere (butter) and fleoge (flying creation).

There is a long-standing saying that butterfly is called butterfly because butterfly likes to steal butter and milk. It is said that butterfly has colorful wings and likes to steal butter. The legend is also reflected in one of the German names of butterflies, milchdieb, which corresponds to English milk-thief.

Another explanation is that butter refers to the color of butterflies; the word butter fly originally refers to flying insects, and the word butter fly was originally used to refer to a pink butter fly with a sulphur color (close to butter color when its wings are combined) that originated in southern Europe after winter. Male butterflies have bright yellow forewings that carry a warm light when they fly. They are called butter-colored flies. This word gradually evolved into butterfly and was used to refer to all kinds of butterflies.

Pandora Butterfly Charm: Make a statement with a sparkling butterfly! Stunning purple and lavender pavé-set cubic zirconias adorn the sterling silver charm, creating a colorful and sparkling look that is sure to draw attention!

Maybe you will choose this Pandora Butterfly Charm on Black Friday 2018, if you really love butterflies.

Some of the most beautiful butterflies:

  1. Eighty-eight butterfly
  2. Heliconius melpomene
  3. Caligo eurilochus
  5. Urania ripheus
  6. Greta oto
  7. Argyronome laodice
  8. Morpho menelaus
Eighty-eight butterfly
Eighty-eight butterfly
Heliconius melpomene
Heliconius melpomene
Caligo eurilochus
Caligo eurilochus
Urania ripheus
Urania ripheus
Greta oto
Greta oto
Argyronome laodice
Argyronome laodice
Morpho menelaus
Morpho menelaus

So, Which kind butterfly is the Pandora Butterfly Charm’s butterfly? Absolutely, it is very fantastic.


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Your Party with Pandora Jewelry

In addition to wearing the most fashionable costumes of the season, the party also goes with jewelry.

As we all know, PANDORA can design its own unique Bracelet through its DIY, which is a good expression of its own personality. In addition, Pandora rings and pendants can also be overlapped to show a different wearing effect, to meet the needs of various shapes.

Pandora Open Grains Ring 197699

Pandora Open Grains Ring

Item: 197699

Material: Silver

Type: Rings

Price Official: $45.00

Rings are a must-have accessory in everyday matching. When two people wear similar clothes, a delicate ring can be a big part of the gap between fashion and fashion. Pandora’s ear-ornamented opening ring perfectly interprets nature. It gives a romantic and stylish look between the fingers. It’s worth mentioning that it can also be mixed and overlapped with a series of other rings, showing a unique and fashionable taste between hands and feet.

This open-ended ring in sterling silver features two plaits of grain reaching toward each other, like towards the sun. Clean lines and organic details create a contemporary version of natural beauty.

Pandora Regal Key Pendant 397725

Pandora Regal Key Pendant

​Price Official: $45.00

Item: 397725

Material: Silver

Type: Pendant

The key pendant of the Pandora aristocracy that one falls in love with at a glance, its complicated and unique shape makes one feel as if it can read your yearning for jewelry. Its exquisite modelling.

With its finely crafted heart shape and regal-inspired pattern, this sterling silver key pendant unlocks the secret recipe of sophistication and enhancement.

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Pandora Black Friday Charms Proposal 2018: Love Heart Charms 3 in 1 Gift Set

In the Bible, Corinthians thirteenth, fourth, the description of love: Lin Qian 13:4:

Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous; love is not boastful; love is not arrogant, does not do shy things, does not seek their own benefits, does not easily get angry, does not calculate the wickedness of others, does not like injustice, only likes truth; all tolerance, all hope, all patience; love is never ceased.


I will proposal 3 Pandora love & heart theme charms for you, find more discount coupons on Black Friday 2018. Tell more things about love in the world.


Black Friday 2018 Proposal: Pandora Thank You Charm, Clear CZ

Item: 792096CZ

Type: Charm

Theme: Thank You, Heart

Material: Clear CZ, Silver

Color: Silver

Collection: Pandora Heart Charms

Catalog: Pandora Black Friday 2018

With a lovely heart shape, twinkling stone details and the engraved ‘Thank You’ message, this pretty sterling silver charm is the perfect gesture to let someone close to you know just how much you appreciate them. Love is fate, love is moving, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is promotion, love is understanding, love is a lifetime of sincerity.

Pandora Black Friday 2018 Multi-Colored Arc of Love Clip, Multi-Colored CZ & Crystals

Black Friday 2018 Proposal: Pandora Multi-Colored Arc of Love Clip, Multi-Colored CZ & Crystals​

Item: 797020NRPMX

Type: Clip

Theme: Love

Material: CZ, Crystal, Silver

Color: Silver, Multi-Colored

Collection: Pandora Love Clip

Catalog: Pandora Black Friday 2018

Symbolize your vibrant and playful heart with this rainbow-inspired clip in sterling silver. Use its bright details to show your bracelet some love and keep your charm styling in place. What is love? It is the starlight of the night, the spring of the heat, the rainbow of the sky, the flame of the cold winter, the dedication of the whole heart, and the persistence of the whole life.

Pandora Black Friday 2018 Two Hearts Charm, Clear CZ

Black Friday 2018 Proposal: Pandora Two Hearts Charm, Clear CZ​

Item: 796560CZ

Type: Charm

Theme: Heart

Material: Clear CZ, Silver

Color: Silver

Collection: Pandora Heart Charms

Catalog: Pandora Black Friday 2018

Let your feelings be known with this elegant sterling silver charm lined with glistening stones. Designed with conjoined hearts and engraved with the words “I love you” and “you & me” on each side, it makes the perfect heartfelt gift for anyone you love.

What is love? It’s a new investment, a devotion to selflessness, a baptism of innocence, a courageous effort, a desperate pursuit, an irresistible rush.​